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Bat Mitzvah

An innovative Bat Mitzvah program for courageous 6th graders Jewish girls.

Combine a competent educational program of excellence with a meaningful Jewish experience on a pettit group with huge girls’ power. Join us on this journey through a unique ATJC Community Bat Mitzvah program for those girls who want to celebrate this milestone lifecycle event in a way that combines tradition with modernity. 

Who we are?

ATJC is a Conservative synagogue that offers a significant educational program together with a beautiful ceremony in our magnificent Soffer Sanctuary. Because being a Bat Mitzvah is not just singing Jewish songs. Becoming a Bat Mitzvah is being part of a community and an equal part of the People of Israel.  

Torah - Jewish Studies

These sessions are oriented toward learning and understanding what it really means to be a Bat Mitzvah from a Conservative perspective. ATJC offers dynamic and attractive activities to instill the true meaning of what it means to be a Jew and give them an approach to Judaism, in a thoughtful and meaningful way. Topics include: Why am I doing my Bat Mitzvah, and what does it mean? What prayers do we have in Judaism, and where can we find them? What are the symbols at the synagogue? Jewish History, social justice, and equal rights. 

G’milut Hasadim - Mitzvah Projects

The feeling of giving is more satisfying than that of receiving. Throughout the preparation, the Bat Mitzvah group will participate in a series of Mitzvah Days, and one personal Mitzvah Project. Mitzvah Days will be dedicated to helping others and will include a visit to the JCS Kosher Food Bank, the Beit Avot, and organizing Hanukkah Gelt for Tauber kids. 


We believe that the best way to teach our children about ourselves and our ancestors is through a personal project we call Shorashim. This project is a guided research on the relatives who preceded us. Each student, accompanied by her family, will carry out an in-depth search of her family’s roots and origin. What is the origin of their first and last names? Where are their great-grandparents originally from? What family heirlooms are in their home? And many other questions of personal and family interest.

About the Educational Program

The ATJC Community Bat Mitzvah program´s vision and values are to strengthen the pluralistic Jewish identity of participants through an educational program of excellence and meaningful experiences that combine tradition and modernity throughout the year. Based on the verse, “Shimon the righteous… used to say: the world stands upon three things: Torah, Avodah, and G’milut Hasadim” (Avot 1:2); we find the main values of the educational program.

Avodah - Jewish Experiences 

We believe that through practice, people internalize and apply everything they study from the wise and ancient Jewish sources. These meetings are oriented toward experiencing some significant Jewish moments in a meaningful and amusing way. Some activities include a family challah bake, Shabbaton, a visit to the Holocaust Memorial Miami Beach, a panel of female entrepreneurs, an Havdalah candle workshop, Alephbet Yoga, and planting a tree. 


A three-day trip to NEW YORK is an additional, optative experience we offer to the future B’not Mitzvah. The main goal of this Shabbaton is to experience Shabbat in another community and to strengthen the relationship with other peers.


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About the Celebration

Once the girls have completed all the topics of the Education component, they will be ready to celebrate their entrance to the Mitzvot. The celebration has a ceremony and a reception. 



All the girls together will prepare a unique and very special ceremony that will take place in the Aventura Turnberry Jewish Center’s Soffer Sanctuary on a Sunday morning. The ceremony includes Havdalah, significant songs, and speeches from the girls and community leaders. 



After the ceremony, guests are invited to celebrate with a reception in the ATJC Social Hall. Decorations, flowers, and meals will be a collective decision among the group, which may include a small kiddush or a more elaborate meal.



Duration, date and time, and location

Beginning: August (a week after Miami-Dade public schools' first day of class).  Ending: May of the following year (9-month program).

Jewish Studies sessions: Wednesdays from 5:00 to 6:00 PM at ATJC from August to December.


Jewish Experiences & Mitzvah Projects:

These will change date and time depending on the program. Please check our calendar and get in touch with the Program Director.

Ceremony preparation: Wednesdays from 6:00 to 7:00 PM at ATJC from January to May.

Cost: $2500 for the educational program and the ceremony.

Cost does not include Reception and trip to New York.


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